The June meeting of Mount Carmel Lodge was held on Tuesday June 20th 2017( the third Tuesday of the month) in The Haifa Temple 119 Hanassi Blvd. Haifa
Brother Melvyn Sandler, who was initiated July 21, 2015, passed on July 17, 2016 was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. Worshipful Master David Mink was Assisted by WB Tony Suckerman, WB Shlomo Yaakov Rapaport, WB Maurice Hyman, WB Yashar Carrasso, RWB Jackie Ashton(the present Grand District Superintendant) , WB Jay Rosen, WB Josip Oulovsky, and WB Abie Meyer
In addition Brother Arnold Eligado past his proficiency test in the Second degree.



Our May meeting was held on May 21, 2017(the third Tuesday of the month).
WB Shlomo Yaakov Rapaport (Past Master of the Lodge) gave a lecture on "The Use of Symbolism in The Reflection Chamber"
WB Shlomo gave a detailed lecture on the Chamber of Reflection throughout the years in Freemasonry around the world, in Israel and in Mount Carmel Lodge in particular.
After the lecture a long and healthy discussion developed where the brethren added their experiences form other lodges as there is no unified and accepted use of the chamber in the same manner though there are certain concepts that are used in most lodges.



Our April meeting was held on April 18, 2017(the third Tuesday of the month)
Worshipful Brother Dr. Mike Kearsley, Provincial Grand Orator for Middlesex, United Kingdom and the 2014 Prestonian lecturer gave an excellent speech on "The Foundation Stones". After such an excellent lecture we expect that the brethren will now remember the various forms of architecture that we speak of in Freemasonry!!
In addition Brother Melvyn Sandler gave a Second degree lecture on The Tracing board as part of his requirements for being qualified to be raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. The Brethren were very impressed with his understanding of the tracing board.


april 2017 a


april 2017 b

Our March meeting was held on March 21 2017(the third Tuesday of the month).
Mr. Alexander Findlay, a "Lewis" proposed by W. Bro. Shlomo Yaakov Rapaport and seconded by W.M. Bro. David Mink and balloted for and accepted in open Lodge on 21st February 2017 was initiated into the lodge as Mount Carmel's 245th Brother in the Lodge.

march 2017